The Power Of Two Words



Sunday night I caught several segments of an awards show.

It was the Golden Globes.

The purpose of the Golden Globes is to “recognize excellence in film and television, both foreign and domestic” (wikipedia).

The Golden Globes boils down to these three things:

  1. What people wear.
  2. Who wins the award.
  3. What they say on stage.

Pop culture enthusiasts are concerned about who wears what.

TV and films buffs are concerned about who wins what.

But the people who helped to put the actors and actresses in a position to experience success are concerned about two simple words.

“Thank You.”

Probably the most heartfelt thank you speech came from Ryan Gosling who thanked his wife for making the huge sacrifices that allow him to do his work.

In a Forbes magazine article Geri Stengel suggests that show gratitude as a leader leads to motivation and innovation from those you’re leading.

In every meeting that I have with my church leadership team I always thank them for their work.


Because a little appreciation goes a long way.

Because I know how good it makes me feel when someone appreciates my work.

Because most of my team are volunteers that don’t get paid but sacrifice their time and energy anyway.

Because as a leader saying thank you is the least that I can do.


This year try saying thank you just a little bit more than you think you should. I might just do wonders for your leadership.




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