Making Up For Lost Time

I’m a year behind schedule.

In 2016 I held my first conference and it was an incredible experience.

Nearly 60 people gathered for a half day session on the campus of Western Kentucky University where I shared principles from my book Leading While Green. It was great experience which lead to several opportunities to teach and train other leaders.

The feedback from the conference was incredible and I had planned to continue hosting the conference in different venues across the country.

Then life happened. 

We changed churches and moved across the country and I felt the idea fading.

Ever have that feeling?

You have a great idea or experience and then you make a plan or promise to keep it going. Then life happens. Your passion begins to fade. Your plans fall by the wayside. Your schedule gets too cluttered. Difference makers in the world refuse to succumb to the fact that life happens. They keep going.

You can’t make up for lost time but you can be intentional about not losing it again.

That’s why I’m holding the Re:Vision Conference. 

Re:Vision simply started as a devotional book and grew into a teaching series. The idea behind Re:Vision is that there is at least one area in most of our lives in which we are being called to dream, imagine, or plan again. It’s built on the idea that we all wrestle with the nudge that something in our lives need to change. The truth is that change only happens when we refuse to ignore the nudge and take steps of faith in the direction of change.

After the reading the devotional and hearing the teaching series I’ve had several people ask what’s next. People requested a seminar or course to help people outline strategies for life change. One day after hearing all the requests and suggestions I pulled out a poster board sketched out the ideas for a conference.

Eventually, I reached out to a group of friends and they agreed to join me and share their personal stories of life change. Joining me at the Re:Vision Conference is an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, counselors, strategists, pastors, and speakers.

July 16th on the campus of Bowie State University we are looking forward to sparking a movement. A movement of people who don’t just dream about living on purpose but who imagine and plan out the possibilities and then work to make them a reality.

I hope you’ll join us for the Re:Vision Conference.

Here’s a link to signup:

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