Episode 017 – Before You Tear It Down

In this episode, I share some thoughts on Christmas lights and respect, honoring things before you tear them down, the link between creativity and breaking the rules, and my course to help you become a better speaker.

Show Notes:

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Episode 016 – Ignore The Comments

In this episode, I talk about how I almost ruined Thanksgiving, why typical Black Friday shopping puts the right effort in the wrong areas, what I learned from a friend’s viral YouTube video, and how a college basketball game is a great example of never giving up.

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Episode 015 – How To Say Thank You

This episode is all about gratitude. I chat about what gratitude looks like when it goes viral, read some podcast reviews, share 8 tips on how leaders can show appreciation, and your opportunity to get my free leadership training in 2018.

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Episode 013 – Missing The Moment

In this episode, I talk about not capturing the moment, the danger of not reading the fine print, why your environment is key to your success, and how you can get a copy of my New Year’s Action Guide and my new devotional book.¬† Continue reading “Episode 013 – Missing The Moment”

Episode 010 – Brokenness Requires Adjustments

In this episode I talk about NBA injuries, why certain debates are pointless, parent-teacher conferences, how what you collect defines you, and The Re:Vision Conference.

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