A Recipe For A Good Year


2016 was a good year.

I ended the year with a healthy family, a list of accomplished goals, and a renewed sense of purpose. At the beginning of 2016 I vowed to have a more productive year than previous years. Instead of making a list of resolutions I committed to a plan that I was going to live out.

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Investing In Yourself

On the day after Christmas I entered a bravery contest.

I went to the mall.

It felt like a gladiator arena.

The place was crawling with people.

There were long lines, short tempers, and apparently deep pockets as people capitalized on the after Christmas sales.

Before all was said and done our family had spent 5 hours in the melee.

That’s right 5 hours.

A momentary respite came on a visit to the bookstore in the mall.

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3 Things Riding Shotgun Can Teach You About Supportive Leadership

Before you’re old enough to drive there is one coveted privilege associated with riding in a car.

Do you have any idea what it is?

Tell a group of teens that you’re taking them anywhere and before their hands hit the car (or van) door some will usually scream out, “Shotgun!”

Yep that’s the coveted spot. A seat to yourself make you feel more important than those sharing the bench in the back. Even as adults if we have a choice we prefer the front passenger seat instead of staring at headrests. Continue reading “3 Things Riding Shotgun Can Teach You About Supportive Leadership”